•The name of the Company is Royal Swazi National Airways Corporation.
•The principal place of business is at 1st Floor, Nedbank House, Swazi Plaza, Mbabane, Swaziland
•The Postal Address of the Company is P. O. Box 1521, Mbabane, H100. Swaziland.
•Royal Swazi National Airways Corporation was established in 1978 and is wholly owned by the
Swaziland Government as a Public Enterprise Unit.
•Initially, the Company owned an airline which has since been sold by the Swaziland
Government, The Company has worked as a partner with South African Airlink.
The partnership was however terminated due to practical difficulties to both parties.
•The Company presently does not own an airline and it is an air ticket sales agent.
As the Company has evolved from being an airline operator, it uses an airlines AITA
number instead of a 72 IATA travel agent number.
•The Company falls under the wing of the Ministry of Public Works & Transport and
it is run by a Board which is appointed by the Minister from time to time.
•Notwithstanding its affiliation to the Ministry, the Board is financially independent,
as it does not receive any financial injection from the Swaziland Government.
•The Company is therefore run along business principles and has appointed auditors.

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